Terms and Conditions



  • All students under 18 must have the permission of a parent/guardian to attend the academy.
  • Simply Theatre is an English-speaking theatre company, and it is at parents’ discretion that their child is fluent in English in order to participate in and get the most out of the classes.
  • All enrolments onto weekly courses are for the full academic year.
  • On confirmation of accepting an academy place, invoices for the entire year (in accordance with your preferred invoicing option – yearly, termly, monthly) will be sent out.
  • We do not offer one-off trial classes (aside from our taster days in May), but we do offer a 6 week trial period to all new students at the start of each academic year. Our 6-week trial period allows parents of children who may be uncertain about committing to a years course peace of mind if they find the course is not right for them. The ‘Trial period’ is the first 6-weeks of term. If, during this trial period, a parent, student, or teacher feels that the course is not the right fit, we will arrange a meeting. If the decision is to withdraw from the course (hopefully with the possibility of re-trying another year), we will refund any unused fees.
  • It is assumed that all students who sign up will be continuing with their course for the full academic year (all three terms). If any student wishes to leave the course part-way through that year, they will not be refunded the course registration fee and must notify the Academy, in writing, one month before the end of the previous term.
  • The following conditions apply for all students withdrawals during the academic year:
    1. The registration fee (10%) is non-refundable (even during the trial period).
    2. Outside of the trial period, notice is by term, one month in advance.
    3. To leave at the end of Term 1, notice must be given by 30th November.
    4. To leave at the end of Term 2, notice must be given by 28th February.
    5. After this, no refunds will be given.
  • Letters sent as reminders for late payment of fees will incur a charge of 10chf per correspondence.

Attendance & Student Safety

  • On joining the Academy, students and parents acknowledge that they are making a commitment. Regular weekly attendance is essential. No refunds or make-up classes are offered if a student misses a class. Students who regularly miss academy classes without good cause and prior notice may be asked to leave the course and will lose their place. In this instance, no refunds will be given.
  • Attendance is particularly key for the end-of-year Showcase rehearsals and failure to commit to classes and rehearsals during this period may result in removal from certain numbers.
  • Students should arrive a few minutes before class to ensure that they are ready for the course start time, and collected at the designated time at the end of the class.
  • We kindly ask parents to drop off their children and return in time for pick up. We do not allow parents to view weekly classes unless it is for one of our scheduled open classes.
  • Parents are invited to a yearly open class at the end of Term 1. This is an opportunity to see a typical class, the type of activities the students are working on and to see how your child is interacting with both their peers and teacher.
  • Parents are also invited to an optional parent/teacher meeting once a year to have a one-on-one feedback session with their child’s teacher.
  • Late arrivals can be very disruptive for everyone involved and therefore should be avoided. Students are permitted to arrive up to a maximum of 20 minutes in advance of class start times.
  • Simply Theatre Academy is responsible for students from the course start time, until the time stipulated for the class to end.
  • Parents should ensure that students, especially those aged 9 and under wait inside the academy venue until the person designated to collect them has arrived.
  • Parents, guardians, and visitors to our premises should familiarise themselves with the nearest fire exit. Teachers will direct class members to the nearest fire exit and meeting point in the event of fire alarm activation. Please ensure that fire exits are kept clear at all times.
  • If a student is going to be absent from their weekly class, please contact the academy office in advance to let us know.
  • If a student is sick, please respect the child, other students, and teachers by keeping them at home and informing the academy office.
  • Simply Theatre Academy reserves the right to refuse admission to a course or withdraw a student from a course if their behaviour is detrimental to the enjoyment or development of the other participants.

Clothing, Uniforms & Equipment

  • Due to the nature of our workshops, students are advised to bring a bottle of water clearly marked with their name (no glass please). No juice or fizzy drinks will be allowed in the studios.
  • Students may find it useful to create a folder in which to store all their course hand-outs and notes. Over time this file will become a valuable resource to revisit.
  • Hair should be away from the face. This is to ensure that it does not become a distraction, restrict visibility of the face when acting, and to allow for free movement.
  • For safety reasons, earrings should not be worn unless small studs. Please be sensible with other jewellery.

Clothing – Drama Classes

  • All students will receive a complimentary Simply Theatre Academy t-shirt on their first academy session of the year. They are expected to wear this shirt to every class and some academy events. All students should wear trousers or shorts that are comfortable and do NOT inhibit movement. No skirts or dresses are permitted for these reasons. Denim jeans/shorts should also be avoided as they will restrict movement.
  • Outdoor shoes are not permitted to be worn inside the studios. No socks or tights may be worn in classes for safety reasons. Students may go barefoot but are encouraged to bring flat indoor gym, ballet, or jazz shoes. Shoes should be comfortable and flexible enough to allow for active movement.

Clothing – Performing Arts Courses

  • As with the Drama courses, each PA student will receive a complementary T-shirt at the beginning of the year. This will form part of their compulsory kit, which must be worn at every lesson.
  • Due to the PA weekly course comprising of one third dance and movement, we have a strict uniform which must be worn at every class –
  • Fitted Academy T-shirt (black except mini dramas who have red).
  • Black jazz pants for boys and option of black leggings for girls (no piping, logos etc.).
  • Split sole jazz shoes*.

*We do not allow any students to wear split sole trainers in class. They look great on a professional dancer as they have strong enough feet, but they are not suitable for all students. They can cause problems short term and long term for a growing student.

Please note:  After the first week, students failing to conform with the Academy’s Performing Arts clothing regulations will not be permitted to take part in the class.  If you have any problems or questions regarding the clothing regulations, please contact the office directly, thank you.

Simply Theatre Academy Venues

  • We ask that students and clients please respect all academy venues.
  • Students are not permitted to enter the studio rooms until invited by their teacher. During break times between classes/ rehearsals we ask that students vacate the teaching studios unless a member of staff gives permission in advance.
  • Parents are responsible to bear the cost of any property or facility damage caused by themselves or any children they book onto a course.